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Resin Tape

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  • High-Temperature Resistant & High-Quality Material: LET'S RESIN high temperature resistant green resin tape is made of PET film and coated with high-temperature resistant silicone. It has excellent high-temperature resistance, up to 200¡ã. It is suitable for high-temperature craft projects, not easy to curl and melt, and is very suitable for Epoxy resin works. This Epoxy Tape can be used to create large-scale projects such as epoxy river tables.
  • Residue-Free & Easy to Use: The Epoxy Tape is easy to peel off, leaving no residue that can ruin your work. It's also very easy to use, can be quickly released from the epoxy, very clean. This premium resin tape works great with 2-part epoxy molds, epoxy tables, or as an encapsulation tape, with a strong tack that produces beautiful lines.
  • Chemical & UV Resistant: This epoxy tape retains its adhesion when exposed to chemicals, heat, and light. It is the perfect choice for making and using professional marine-grade epoxy. The high-temperature tape has excellent waterproof and wears resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and corrosion resistance, so it is suitable for large-scale works of high temperature dispensing, and can also be used for welding, baking paint, circuit boards, motors, electromechanical, etc.
  • Silicone Tape for Powder Coating: This high-temperature resistant silicone adhesive tape can be used as powder coating tape and photo stitching tape. It is heat and chemical resistant and can be easily removed without leaving a residue.
  • Quality Service: LET'S RESIN attaches great importance to consumer experience and will continue to update and optimize products. If you encounter any problems when using LET'S RESIN products, please contact us in time. We will provide good service to ensure your shopping experience.
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